Hamilcar Capital, founded in 2013, is an independent investment boutique based in the UK.

We focus on private and listed equity in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, mainly looking at Special Situation cases.

Hamilcar Capital operates as a long a term-partner and works closely on discretionary approach with institutions, corporate, significant private shareholders, family offices and High-Net-Worth individuals.

Why the name of Hamilcar?

The name Hamilcar, originally comes from one of the best warlords called Hamilcar Barca (275-228 BC), during the Punic War in Carthage (present day North Africa).

He surpassed various difficult challenges to conquer Europe and defeat the mighty Romans.

Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian General and the Statesman, is the father of Hannibal (the most commonly known). His strategies were so unique that they were successfully repeated by his son Hannibal, during the Second Punic War.

Inspired by Hamilcar's extraordinary strategies, we at Hamilcar Capital strive similarly to overcome difficult markets, by using our expertise and knowledge to achieve attractive returns on investments for our investors.

Our strength is based on commitment, flexibility and independence


Hamilcar Capital is an Independent Investment Advisory boutique based in the UK.

We focus on investing and advising on opportunities with a consortium of investors.

On the investment management side, we focus on equity special situations (private and listed companies) in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We operate as a long-term partner to the companies in which we invest. Our holding period ranges from three to seven years. As a partner, we are committed to working closely with the corporate management teams in order to unlock the "hidden value" according to our investors' request. We have a Buy and Hold approach adaptable to special situations. We select a limited number of investments and we work on a deal by deal basis. We cooperate actively as a co-investor with a selected number of investment firms.

On the advisory side, we have an active trading platform of private deal flows where buyers and sellers come to match their interests. We have mandates which cover various sectors such as real estate, vineyards, oil and gas, football clubs, infrastructure, etc.

The company is managed by two experienced executive partners with a strong background in the financial industry.

We work with a team of 10 senior independent advisors coming from private equity firms, asset management, investment banks and law firms.

Our team
José Solange Francis - Founder & Managing Partner

Mr J.S. Francis is the founder and a managing partner at Hamilcar Capital Limited.

José has 20 years’ extensive experience in financial markets mainly on Equity and Derivatives. Prior to Hamilcar Capital Limited, he worked in London and Paris at Paribas Asset Management, Natixis, Société Générale, GFI Group, Integra Capital. He covered roles such as Fund Manager, Trader and Sales.

Through his long experience, Mr J.S. Francis has covered very large international institutions and also hedge fund clients by arranging deals on industrial participations and special situations. His responsibility was on a day-to-day basis to make deals on new issues, IPO, secondary offerings, block trades, stock lending. He was also identifying attractive investment opportunities on equity event driven, M&A situations, distress and restructuring stocks, large discounted stocks, managing equity and derivatives exposure.

Mr J.S. Francis holds a Masters Specialized in Finance (ISG Business School, Paris) and a Bachelor degree in Economics, specializing in Mathematics and Statistics (University of Toulouse, France). He is registered CF1 (Director) and CF30 (Customer) by the Financial Conduct Autority. Trilingual in English, French (mother tongue) and Italian, he is currently learning Arabic.

A short list of our deal pipeline